Castle: new captain talks precinct relationships

We have already heard a good bit when it comes to some of the dynamics moving forward on the the upcoming season of “Castle” — and now, we are getting set to learn a little bit more.

In a new interview with TVLine, new cast member Penny Johnson Jerald (“24”) explains how her new character of Victoria “Iron” Gates is going to change-up life in the New York precinct that has been so kind to Nathan Fillion’s title character in the past — primarily by making him as small of a presence as possible:


“My side of it is, ‘Why is he here?’ He’s not a police officer; he’s an irritant. But it’s all those wonderful little nuances that make for great television.

“… Even believing and wishing he wasn’t there is pretty much diminishing the presence of someone. She doesn’t see his value yet, but perhaps [it] will come to light. And even then, maybe she won’t even [admit] it!”


This relationship does come as a far cry compared to what Castle had going on with Captain Montgomery, who seemed to be far more ready and willing to accept his role as a part of the force after he and Beckett solved a number of cases together.

How long do you think it will take Castle to accept some good graces from this captain?

~ by fisherman11 on 08/17/2011.

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