Castle: a mysterious woman catches Castle’s eye in season 4

Relationships they are a-changin’! Castle and Beckett won’t be the only duo having to deal with some shifts in the ‘ship status quo next season.

Molly Quinn (Alexis) recently told TV Line her character will open Season 3 with some bad blood between herself and another female lead she’s usually quite fond of. Any guesses? No, it’s not grandmother Martha — it’s Beckett!

Like any teenager (or person, really), the ginger-haired cutie will feel very shaken up after the shooting at Monty’s funeral, and kind of blame Beckett for her father being in harm’s way all the time. But don’t think Castle won’t intervene when his two leading ladies start to squabble!

“There’s definitely going to be some words and heat between Alexis, Castle, and Kate Beckett,” says Molly Quinn, adding that although Alexis “still respects” her elder, “at the same time [it’s like], ‘This isn’t your life. This isn’t your dad. You don’t understand.’”

Another thing nobody will understand? Someone new is about to catch Castle’s eye!

Producers are looking to cast a “gorgeous, sexy sophisticated art insurance investigator” who may or may not become a recurring character. Miss Investigator Lady and Castle will be attracted to each other like magnets from the get-go. But there’s a catch: This new lady is hiding something, and we assume it ain’t pretty.

And finally, what about the budding ‘ship between Lanie and Esposito that we only got glimpses into last year? Good(ish) news for Esplanie fans: Jon Huertas (Esposito) says we’ll see them “Interacting as a couple” more. But sadly, producers want the couple to “go all the way” — which may include a break up. Boo!

And Huertas teases Ryan and Jenny’s upcoming nuptials may have something to do with the split. “It might make Lanie or Esposito say, ‘Maybe I want to get married’ — and maybe the other person doesn’t,” he says.

Well, if those two are confused about their romantic futures, they won’t be alone. At least, not metaphorically.

~ by fisherman11 on 08/17/2011.

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