Bones Season 7: Hart Hanson interview!

This weekend was all about Fox (with a dash of FX) at last night’s party held at Gladstone’s on-the-ocean restaurant in Malibu. The occasion, the Fox day at the summer press tour of the Television Critics Association. I found Bones and The Finder creator Hart Hanson just outside the jammed up area of the party so I figured it was the best time to grab a few minutes with him…that is, after we took our first-ever photo together. (For those who haven’t followed on Twitter, Hart has a habit of taking my picture on any press line he sees me). Here’s our chat with the Pacific Ocean but a few yards away.

JH: What about the pregnancy?

HH: Here’s what I’ve realized about next season. Anything I say tells the audience what we’re going to do. Really! I can’t say anything! People say, ‘Are Booth and Brennan moving in together?’ Please watch the show and find out. ‘Are they not moving in together?’ Please watch the show and find out. I am so bad. Stephen Nathan has already said this much and maybe it’s my fault…we said the baby is going to be born and I was thinking ‘We shouldn’t even say that. We should let people worry about that!’ But now everybody knows the baby will be born. Really, even if we wanted to, we couldn’t have [Emily Deschanel] have the baby and then the character not.

JH: And what about Baby Hodgins? How is that going to play into the new season?

HH: We just cast the cutest child who has ever been on the planet as Baby Hodgins. When we made Hodgins and Angela have a baby, we did not know we would be repeating that story movement. But, luckily or fortuitously, these people are completely different in the way they’re going to raise their babies. There’s one couple that is married raising a baby and then there’s whatever the hell we’re going to do with Brennan, her baby and Booth and it’s giving us a tons of story. In fact, what we have to do is remember that this is a crime show and we solve murders. It’s not Relativity or Parenthood.

~ by fisherman11 on 08/15/2011.

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