Jon Huertas Pushes for Castle Musical Episode!!

Wetpaint interviewed Castle co-star Jon Huertas…

When we met Castle star Jon Huertas at Comic-Con, we couldn’t help asking him about his “sex tape” publicity stunt on Twitter. It’s a bummer if you have no idea what we’re talking about — the video was recently removed from YouTube, but we can assure you it was pretty darn entertaining!

According to Jon, who has an album coming out in August, the whole thing started as a good old-fashioned Internet hoax. “The bloggers all thought that I had a sex tape, that some crazy stalker chick had kept the tape that we made … as soon as she’s about to pull the covers off and show all of that glory, it cuts to a music video [for his single ‘Sex is the Word’],” he laughed. “It was a lot of fun, just to see if anybody even wanted to hear me singing.”

It’s clear that Jon’s got a serious set of pipes in addition to a fantastic sense of humor, which got us thinking … any chance we might see Detective Esposito rock the mic in Season 4 of Castle?

“You know, I have some ideas,” he teased. “I’m trying to get them to do a karaoke murder …  I did some karaoke in my day, and there are these competitive karaoke singers. They have their own discs, they do all the choreography and stuff, and they get into it! So, I was thinking it would be funny if there was a murder between these karaoke professionals and I have to go undercover.”

Just as our minds wandered back to last season’s impromptu “Piano Man” singalong, Jon turned and quickly added, “And, by the way, Seamus [Dever] plays piano.”

A Ryan/Esposito double act? Andrew Marlowe, we hope you’re reading this.

~ by fisherman11 on 08/01/2011.

One Response to “Jon Huertas Pushes for Castle Musical Episode!!”

  1. He’s an actor but also a talented singer. Of course he wannna sing!
    Have you seen this vid? He’s so hot!

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